Communities for Future Online Summit

Feb 1-10, 2020

Daniel Christian Wahl

Regenerative Design Generalist, Educator, Author
Daniel Christian Wahl

Daniel Wahl's fascinating journey will take us to the exploration of how do we transforming into a place of regeneration instead of a place of destruction, how the human being is deeply embedded in the life systems and how we can reconnect with our Bioregions. He touches on systems of collective wisdom and open source patenting, bioproductivity and life guardianship, human collaboration towards regenerative bioregions, and the wisdom of shifting from competition to cooperation.

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  • Introduction
  • A regenerative culture in the face of climate change
  • Transforming a Human Being into a place of regeneration instead of a place of destruction
  • The Human Being deeply embedded in the life systems
  • Reconnecting with Bioregions
  • Regenerative production within bioregional cycles
  • System of collective wisdom and open source patenting
  • Bioproductivity and life guardianship
  • Life is a regenerative community
  • Human collaboration towards regenerative bioregions
  • Shifting from competition to cooperation
Daniel Christian Wahl

Daniel Wahl has 17 years of experience in sustainability education and consultancy and has been a careful student of nature and ecological systems for more than 26 years. He is a trainer and educator for Gaia Education, GEN's sister organisation. Originally trained as a biologist and zoologist (University of Edinburgh), in 2002 he completed his MSc in Holistic Science at Schumacher College with distinction, and in 2006 received his PhD in Natural Design (University of Dundee) for a thesis entitled “Design for Human and Planetary Health – A Holistic/Integral Approach to Complexity and Sustainability.”


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